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6 ϟ Ministry Applications!
The Ministry of Magic is opening its doors to the public, and now anyone can apply into the Ministry! If you want to apply, go here. - Victoria Evans, Minister of Magic

5 ϟ Dueling Club!
Anyone interested in learning to duel? Got high hopes for the future or just need a chance to blow off some steam? Well, head down to the Duel Club! First meeting is on Wednesday 17th! - Professor Ellen

4 ϟ Hogwarts Gossip!
Are you the ultimate gossiper? Get paid to write articles for the Hogwarts Gossip Newsletters! See me or visit the Hogwarts Gossip office on the left sidebar for info on how to apply! - Lily James

3 ϟ practice your dueling spells!
Be sure to practice your Disarming Spells over the holidays! Unless you'd rather enjoy Beauxbaton and Durmstrang wiping the floor with you in front of your parents. Happy holidays! - Prof. Emeric Pogreby

2 ϟ missing trainers!
Has anyone seen a pair of pink trainers with white laces? I'm afraid they've been stolen, and I really need them before I leave for the holidays tomorrow morning. Please return them! Thanks! - Colly Nolton

1 ϟ gobstones tourney!
Risking your neck spending the holidays at Hogwarts? Then what better way to waste time before the Lethifold gets you than with an exciting gobstones tournament? Meet in the Universal Common Room after dinner! - Merton Belby

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James Serpantine

Hufflepuff (Fifth Year)

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Dec 11 2015, 11:38 AM

Just thought I would post to let you know I am going to be away till Monday 21st December! I am away stalking the WWE NXT wrestling UK tour and going to all the shows with a little break in London at the end of it!

As always I look forward to talking to you all when I get back!

Stay safe! smile.gif
Oct 4 2015, 07:44 PM
After a Summer away at Camp Wand-o where he had been able to clear his mind, James was happy to be back. Finally he was being presented with the chance to make ammends with Winter due to the way he treated her after they had both been attacked by the Acromantula. Having been unable to find the Ravenclaw he seeked, James had decided it would be best to send an owl asking her to meet him. Taking his owl to the Astronomy Tower the Hufflepuff attached a letter to the bird and ordered it to take the message to Winter. Watching the owl as it flew from the top of the Tower James began fidgeting with his hands, waiting, hoping that the Ravenclaw would choose to meet him.

Letter to Winter


I know we haven't spoken since before the Summer break, but I would like you to meet me at the top of the Astronomy Tower tomorrow at 7pm. There is something I think we have to talk about.

Jul 22 2015, 07:19 PM
Having been down by the lake earlier in the day for the swimming activity James decided it would be a great place for him to go to try and clear his mind. Ever since he and Winter had suffered from the attack by the Acromantula in the school he had been closed off and cold to everyone, including Winter. The only exception had been the time he had spent at camp so far, here he felt almost free from worry. Standing at the edge of the lake James felt the water gently overlap his feet while he stared out to the calm lake reflecting the many bright stars twinkling in the sky.

The Hufflepuff crouched down and picked up a handful of soft, flat stones in his left hand. Taking one in his right hand as he stood up again James let out a sigh before skipping the stone along the top of the water, creating multiple ripples on the near mirror like surface. He had always enjoyed skipping stones, especially as it helped him whenever things became hectic back home. Sending another stone flying over the water James looked up to the star filled sky, hoping something would magically appear to make everything good again.
Jul 9 2015, 09:21 PM
Hey folks, just to say I am going to have to move back home to my folks house. This is going to lead to the majority of my time will most likely be taken up by chores in the house and job hunting! Though! I won't be totally gone, there will be a rather noticible drop in my activity! Though I will be aiming to get on at least once every 2 days at worst, I do want to say there may be times where it is longer than that, but there should be very few. I will be working hard to make sure this disruption is as short as possible. So I just wanted to say sorry, and thanks for your acceptance at this time!

Characters Affected:
James Serpantine
Professor Doyle

So here's hoping my mum and dad are easier on the chorse than they used to be tongue.gif
Jun 28 2015, 02:37 PM
Well, it's time again for me to disappear off to London for another Rowing event. Now, realistically I am only gonna be away for a couple of days as we are racing possibly the best pair the sport has seen in the first round.... But, ever the optimist I would like to say I could be (and hope) to be away from Tuesday through till next Monday!

Anywhoooooo I will let y'all know when I be back :3
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