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» Wanted : Best Friend / Future Boyfriend
Lily James
 Posted: May 6 2016, 05:32 PM
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ANY NAME - THIRD YEAR-FIFTH YEAR - ANY HOUSE (would prefer Slytherin or Gryffindor but Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw is fine as well)


Lily's first boyfriend was a boy called Severus Hocus - she dated him for three years but everything changed when it was the second Battle of Hogwarts. A death eater had aimed a cruciartus spell at her, and was intending to kill her - but Severus protected her and took the spell himself. In the chaos of the battle they both got separated, and then after that Lily has never seen him again. She assumes that he is dead.

Now she is a fifth year, Lily is still extremely upset about Severus and can't get over him. He was the perfect boyfriend for her and she loved him dearly. So it will take time for her to get over him and fall for someone else. So the person that likes her must be patient.

So I was thinking they could be best friends since first year, and the boy has always liked her since first year but Lily hasn't ever seen him in that way. So when she starts dating Severus he is really hurt. But when Severus is MIA, Lily is devastated because she thinks he is dead - this is where the boy will step in and help her and be there for her. He will have to be funny but sweet, and one day he would win her heart.



Severus, the owner of the account disappeared ages ago - I don't know if he's coming back or not (but if he did the whole plot could get VERY interesting!) but because he is gone i'm going to let Lily assume - for now - that he was killed in the battle of hogwarts (though whether this be true or not is another question).

If you want to take on this role, you must be active - this is a very important role in Lily's plot. I would prefer an experienced RPer to take this or someone good at writing and can write more than one line in an RP post. If you go inactive for a long time with this character, I will have to reopen this for someone else to take.

If you want to make a new character for this role, thats fine - I would love the name to be something along the lines of Gideon Ryder/Jack Ryder/Timothy Ryder/Joshua Ryder - its really up to you (I love the surname Ryder though but its up to you). Also a FC that suits the age of the person would also be great. Thank you to whoever takes this! <3


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