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Mika Toshino

Slytherin (Fourth Year)

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Dec 14 2015, 10:31 AM
Mika had never been so bored in her life. Ever since the incident from last year the Professors had been very cautious if not outright hostile to her. She sighed as she thought about it. She missed when her life was simple. With that thought in mind she was walking past the Caretaker's cabin when she heard a little whimper that made the old portion of herself that had been buried under all the self angst and anger come to the forefront as she followed the whimpers that now that she was listening closer to it actually sounded like little mews. When she got to the source she was surprised to see three small kittens that looked like little fluff balls where nudging the stiff body of a larger cat which caused Mika's heart to clench as she realised what had happened.

It was obvious that the mother cat had been protecting her little ones and had succombed to her wounds and that left the little kittens alone. Mika gently knelt down next to the kittens and softly ran one finger over the heads of the little kittens who where obviously only a few weeks old two of the kittens eyes had not even opened yet and the thirds you could tell had just done so.

Mika picked the little ones up carefully and placed them in her lap as she slowly warmed them back up since they had been found in the snow. Soon she had three little kittens squirming all over her mewing pitifully causing Mika to smile sadly as she held them.
Oct 7 2015, 06:58 PM
Mika had been attempting to hunt for the first time since she had been banished from Japan and was in some unknown forest since she was staying with her brother while she was still in school. Mika was unsure where exactly they where but seeing as she needed to hunt she had decided to use the nearby forest. Having taken her wolf form for the first time in months she was following the scent of a near by deer herd that she thought was unaware of her presence. Unfortunately she was not as stealthy as she thought she was and as such when she went to pounce on the deer she had decided was her target she was to late. What was worse was she had misjudged the power of her leap and had crashed head first into the tree causing her to let out a pained yelp as she landed on the ground and laid there dazed for a few moments.
Sep 16 2015, 09:11 AM
Mika was sitting in the courtyard leaning against the large cherry tree with her Arithmancy book open in her lap as she thumped her head against the tree. No matter how hard she tried she could not focus on this book. She groaned as she looked at the book where the numbers seemed to be running together again and she finally said screw it and slammed the book closed before tossing it in her bag. Her brother would kill her if she failed anything and she could not focus on this class to save her life.

She had this problem last year as well which is why she failed instead of being allowed to go onto the fifth year like the rest of her friends. If things had went her way she would have been in fifth year enjoying learning something she had yet to learn which would have saved her brain from melting from boredom.

She sighed as she looked around the courtyard wishing there was someone to alleviate her boredom before she lost her mind. She carefully brushed the stray strands of red hair out of her eyes so she could see better as she watched the other students go about their day some chatting in small groups others reading a book as they walked and still others that where chasing each other through the courtyard in a strange version of tag.

Mika missed those days when she had been that carefree and able to just goof off whenever she wanted and not have to focus on these blasted subjects that really where useless in the long run.
Sep 16 2015, 08:43 AM
Mika shyly walked in the great hall during dinner self consciously running her fingers through her hair which was slightly shorter than it used to be just hours before. As Mika looked around the Great hall she noticed Karina sitting at the Slytherin table, Sanya was sitting at the head table and apparently her Godfather and god sister Azuki had decided to stay for Dinner before making the trip back to Japan. Mika was not surprised to realize that her parents had already left before she had gotten here.

Mika smoothed the wrinkles that had been created by walking as she had made her way from the room of requirement to the Great Hall. She smiled softly as she looked around her wondering if anyone was looking at her. She blushed scarlet when she felt Liam push her a little to get her to go in the room and head towards the Slytherin table where she took a seat and was shyly playing with a strand of black and red hair.
Sep 13 2015, 12:09 AM
Mika had missed dinner since she had been down in the dungeons attempting to study for her upcoming test. In her single minded ness she forgot to go to dinner and as such was hungry. She tickled the pear and was allowed entrance to the Kitchen and asked the elves for her favorite meal though it was a guilty pleasure that not many knew about. "Can I have some Pie and Mash with Parsley Liquor please" Mika asked and was beyond pleased when she was given the meal.
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