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William Carter

Ravenclaw (Fifth Year)

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Aug 27 2015, 06:15 PM
You wouldn't expect to find anyone awake and sat in the Student Hangout at two o'clock in the morning. However, that was the situation that the Head Boy was currently in. William was sat on the floor in front of the blazing fire, with his legs crossed and his dead eyes staring at what was in front of him. After the last few months, William had changed. He had to draw a smile on his face every time he was spoken to, because he never really wanted to be happy. What was the point? A few months ago, his girlfriend was taken from him. That destroyed him inside, and he felt like a large hole had been ripped through him. What made matters worse was that many people accused him of murdering her! He may be overprotective of his friends, and he acts like an older brother to some of his close friends such as Mika and Sky, he wasn't a murderer. Someone had brought the idea to the Ministry of Magic after awhile, and William was detained for awhile in the MOM. They told him Azkaban was no place for a boy, and therefore he was kept inside one small room with a bed and table. He wasn't starved or mistreated, but it wasn't exactly the best place for him. He was there for four days, and was released after the Ministry could find nothing to prove that he was guilty. That weekend, he got a note from a man who called himself 'Moriarty'. He said that if he got information on the MOM from it's Junior Minister, he would tell William what he had done with Scarlett. It turned out that he was lying. William gave a statement in his court session, yet he was released! This man was a danger to anyone and anything that stood in his way, and a powerful criminal.

The death of the Head Girl shocked the school, and everyone seemed to jump on William about it. After a week or so, quite a few fourth and fifth year girls flocked to him. Apparently it was because he was now 'single' and clearly needed someone to cheer him up. He tried to keep away from them, but there was one who was certainly getting on his nerves. She was called Dylan, and seemed to be obsessed with him. However, he still hadn't gotten over his girl, and was worried that he never would. His tears had been used up, and he couldn't cry any more, even if he wanted to. William's dismay had even been noticed by his professors, as his grades had slipped from A's and B's to C-'s.

William was snapped out of his thoughts by the click of a pair of shoes coming down the hall. He was worried that the Caretaker knew he was out of bed, because as you got older, the punishments got worse and worse. If he was found out, William would be marched down to the Headmaster. Holding his breath and sitting as still as he could, William closed his eyes, hoping he wouldn't be noticed and therefore left alone.
Aug 9 2015, 09:55 AM
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Jul 4 2015, 05:05 PM
As the sun rose up on that early, cold morning, William wondered around the streets of Hogsmeade Village with his black fedora, Ravenclaw scarf and blue wooly hat. He was dared by one of the students to dress like it was Winter for the day, and it was most likely that he would get really warm due to the temperature of the day. It was forecasted to be a very humid week, and Saturday was the hottest day. The day he was out in Hogsmeade. After going shopping for awhile, he decided to chill out whilst watching people walk back and forth around the school. Suddenly, he recognised a face coming towards him. Squinting to see who it was, he suddenly realised who he was staring at.
Jan 30 2015, 01:23 PM
Walking the platform, William placed his ticket in his pocket. He had been away from Hogwarts over the holidays, and was now coming back. He decided to come back two days early so he could unpack and settle in again before classes started. What a winter it had been. Soft, white snow had fallen heavily in the countryside and in London, so it would most likely be snowing at Hogwarts. The cold was something William was okay with, but when the temperatures dropped really low it wasn't nice. Strangely enough, William had found out that there were spiders lurking around Hogwarts. The Prophet guessed that it was because it is cold and they were annoyed by it. Unlikely, the boy thought. He just thought they were hungry, and small children running around was an easy target.

The kept walking across the platform. He had just walked past platform three. Another 6 platforms to go... the Ravenclaw thought.
Oct 12 2014, 11:49 AM

William Carter

Name: William Carter
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 25th September
Year: Fifth Year
House: Ravenclaw
Blood Status: Pure Blood

Father: Alex Carter
Mother: Julia Carter (†)
Uncle: Carl Carter
Goddaughter: Kaida

Erised: Peace in the Wizarding World
Patronus: Phoenix
Boggart: Losing everyone that he loves
Wand: 11" Mahogany, Unicorn Hair


William Carter is a young child with only one parent alive, his father, Alex Carter. In the first wizarding war, William's mother, Julia Carter, was the nurse at Hogwarts. The Carter family were advised to move to the coast of Scotland whilst the war was going on because Julia was pregnant and would be safer there. Two weeks after giving birth to William, Julia saw it as her duty to go back to Hogwarts and help the wounded. The night before Julia was due to leave, the house was attacked by a man known as Bruce Mortem. Bruce murdered William’s mother, and commanded Kina, his snake, to kill William. The snake attacked William and left him vulnerable, but Alastor Moody and the Aurors came and saved the boy, leaving Bruce to apparate away. William’s mother was dead, and his father was in Azkaban. Due to this, the boy was sent to an orphanage. The orphanage was full of other young wizards, and he only had one friend in the orphanage, Oliver, as all the other kids were horrible to him and said he was ’strange’ and ‘weird’, and a ‘freak'. After a few months of being in the orphanage, one of William’s family members were found, and that was his uncle.

As William was growing up, he would ask his uncle about his dad, and his uncle told him how William’s father was caught selling information to criminals. He raised up the ranks of the Ministry of Magic, and used his power to hack into their systems and find all their operations. He was writing an OWL to a wanted criminal, when a high rank came into his office and read what he was writing. They called the Minister, who arrested him without trial. He was put inside for 16 years. William always wanted a father figure, and the closest he had was an Uncle who William helped run the farm that they lived on. He would constantly take rides on his donkey, Joshua. He would take the donkey with him far away onto the top of a mountain near the home and sat there for hours, simply thinking about what to do with his life.

As William lay in his bed on the 1st of September, he heard a whack on the window of his bedroom. He sat up in his bed and saw a tawny owl, named Tilly, banging it's beak on the window. As William opened the window, a letter fell onto his bed. There were the words "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy" written on it. William quickly tore it open and read the letter. It told him that he was invited to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. William trained with his magic, and progressed before he got the letter, meaning he was already able to handle the wand. He ran downstairs, followed by the owl who decided that he liked William. The boy showed it to his uncle, who instantly took him to Diagon Alley to help him retrieve everything he would need for school.
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William Carter
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