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Relica Dawning

Ravenclaw (First Year)

My Content
Aug 16 2014, 12:02 AM

Relica was born on June fourth in a muggle hospital near a small town in Devon, England. Her mother and father, Carl and Jessica Dawning, were very poor and already had three children. Her father worked in a factory and her mother sold drugs that she made in their basement. They didn’t want anymore children but Jessica hadn’t known she was pregnant until too late.

They had the baby and when Carl saw her he was furious because she had brown hair and everyone else in the family was blonde. He was convinced that Jessica had cheated on him and that this new little girl wasn’t his child. The nurse asked what they would name the child and they said they didn’t want to name it and that the nurse could name her.

That nurses name was Carlotta Everest, a squib who had been shunned by her family and had been forced to join the muggle world. While she was holding the baby the child opened her eyes and all of the lights flashed. Carlotta recognized the newborn girl as being a future witch. She named her Relica Jane Dawning and returned the child very reluctantly to her family.

Carl and Jessica were known drunks and abused all of their children. Once Relica came along that stopped and they began to focus all of their negative attentions on her. She was forced to sleep on the floor of her older sisters’ room and was rarely given anything. It was her responsibility to do most of the house chores and she received almost all of her parents anger through beatings.

Once she started attending school she was ridiculed by the other kids because she was small(due to lack of food) and wore very old and ratty clothes. She was smarter than most of the other kids and that also caused them to increase their torment of her. Relica never made a single friend in all of her time at muggle schools. The teachers ignored her plight because her father was known to be violent towards anyone who started digging into his family's affairs.

Relica saw her first death when she was six. She was walking home from a bar with both of her parents when a man walked up and grabbed her mother's arm. Her father proceeded to beat the man to death for touching his wife. Relica tried to get him to stop by explaining that her mother had lost a bracelet and the man was returning it to her but her father just backhanded Relica and continued. Carl was never convicted of that murder.

Relica saw her second death when she was eight when her mother took her along to a party. Her mother friends were smoking meth and doing other drugs in the basement of the persons home when a woman overdosed on heroin. All of the people in the basement were too high to save her and once they realized she was dead they all left quickly.

When Relica received her Hogwart’s letter she showed it to her parents and they laughed at her. They assumed it was a joke and told her just that. Relica saw hope in that letter though and refused to believe it was just a joke.

That night she stole two-hundred dollars out of one of her mother’s drug money stashes and ran away from home. After many days of hitch hiking and walking, she made it to The Leaky Cauldron. She was exhausted and slept outside on the muggle side of the street that night. The next morning Tom found her outside and brought her into the Inn. He fed her and she told him about her family and how she had run away.

Tom offered her a space to stay in the basement of the Inn, which was mostly used for storage. The condition was that she help out in the Inn when she was needed. She accepted and now lives and works there when not at Hogwarts.

Relica often gets sick because of how small and malnourished she is. Her body is too small and weak to handle the level of magic she is producing so she becomes ill very frequently.


Full Name: Relica Jane Dawning
Age: Eleven
DOB: June fourth
House: Ravenclaw
Year: First
Occupation: Teacher’s Assistant, Librarian, Waitress/Maid at Leaky Cauldron.


Father - Carl Jack Dawning
Mother - Jessica Janis Dawning
Older Brother(9 years elder) - Barry Jacob Dawning
Older Sister(8 years elder) - Camille June Dawning
Older Sister(6 years elder) - Erika Jade Dawning

Magical World:

Erised: A brown haired family that surrounds her and smiles with pride. Her friends all stand in the background smiling at her.
Patronus: Fox
Amortentia Smell: Old Parchment, Apples, Dragon Scale Polish
Boggart: Her family returning to take her back to her old home.
Special Ability: Animagus - Fox

Physical Appearance:

Hair: Brown, Straight and short
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Very Pale
Oct 20 2013, 10:07 AM
Congratulations To Skylar Rosemary for being last week's winner!

She will receive 40 Galleons for being the first to discover that the featured book was
" Guide To Advanced Transfiguration"

Thank you to all of the others that participated this week!

Week #8 Clues:

1. This book is about a sport.

2. This book has a list of teams.

3. The last paragraph in this book is about a man with the first name Ludovic.

Oct 13 2013, 03:08 PM
Congratulations To Derrick Wright for being last week's winner!

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These wonderful members will each receive 20 Galleons for getting the answer right:

Lily James
William McG

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2. It was written by more than one person.

3. This book has a section about Animagi.

Oct 6 2013, 12:51 PM
Congratulations To Kellen Dovea for being last week's winner!

He will receive 40 Galleons for being the first to discover that the featured book was
"Worlds Rarest Creatures - Volume 1: Dragon-griffin"

Thank you to everyone else who participated this week!

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1. The name of this book is also the name of a Hogwarts school subject.

2. This book contains a picture of a praying Mantis

3. This book talks about Cartomancy.

Sep 29 2013, 07:36 PM
Congratulations To Mika Toshino for being last week's winner!

She will receive 40 Galleons for being the first to discover that the featured book was
"The Ministry Of Magic"

Thank you to everyone else who participated this week!

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1. I flatter myself by choosing this book.

2. This book talks about the Chimaera Potion.

3. This book has two pictures in it.
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