Year: 2007

Weather: Breezy, cool, slight showers

6 ϟ Ministry Applications!
The Ministry of Magic is opening its doors to the public, and now anyone can apply into the Ministry! If you want to apply, go here. - Victoria Evans, Minister of Magic

5 ϟ Dueling Club!
Anyone interested in learning to duel? Got high hopes for the future or just need a chance to blow off some steam? Well, head down to the Duel Club! First meeting is on Wednesday 17th! - Professor Ellen

4 ϟ Hogwarts Gossip!
Are you the ultimate gossiper? Get paid to write articles for the Hogwarts Gossip Newsletters! See me or visit the Hogwarts Gossip office on the left sidebar for info on how to apply! - Lily James

3 ϟ practice your dueling spells!
Be sure to practice your Disarming Spells over the holidays! Unless you'd rather enjoy Beauxbaton and Durmstrang wiping the floor with you in front of your parents. Happy holidays! - Prof. Emeric Pogreby

2 ϟ missing trainers!
Has anyone seen a pair of pink trainers with white laces? I'm afraid they've been stolen, and I really need them before I leave for the holidays tomorrow morning. Please return them! Thanks! - Colly Nolton

1 ϟ gobstones tourney!
Risking your neck spending the holidays at Hogwarts? Then what better way to waste time before the Lethifold gets you than with an exciting gobstones tournament? Meet in the Universal Common Room after dinner! - Merton Belby

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
*Kendall ~Ayre~ Rowell* Hufflepuff (First Year) 21-November 13 92
11zephyrus Gryffindor (First Year) 2-September 13 2
12potter12 Gryffindor (First Year) 25-September 13 0
Aaron Fletcher Gryffindor (Fourth Year) 1-October 13 37
Aaron Kelbourne Ravenclaw (First Year) 30-August 13 2
Abbey Dunn Full Member 27-April 16 10
Abel Darknight Hufflepuff (First Year) 6-September 13 1
Abel Whitewoff Full Member 6-September 13 0
Acadius Triland Ravenclaw (First Year) 23-December 13 4
Achilles Grimm Adult 2-September 13 26
Acon Abbot Full Member 28-August 13 0
Adair Carrow Slytherin (First Year) 20-February 15 2
Addrianna Willows Full Member 1-September 13 0
Adeline Gallagher Full Member 21-September 13 0
Aerianna Emerald Full Member 28-August 13 0
Aflyer Full Member 17-September 14 0
Ahanna D. Archer Full Member 8-May 14 0
Ai Inosami Slytherin (Third Year) 15-September 13 9
Aidan O'Kane Gryffindor (First Year) 25-September 13 4
Aidan Ryder Adult 10-July 15 1
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